Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday Fun: Ok Go - Needing/Getting

Since it's Friday it's time to post some fun to, while I am at it! Me and my boyfriend have become addicted to Ok Go during this spring. It all started with their fantastic videos, even though I had heard "Get over it" a long time ago and really loved that too. Thinking closer, that might have been because of the video too..

Here is the latest one so far: Needing/Getting. This features a very strange version of the song, so I will also post you a link to the original further down on the page. And listen to the lyrics. Ok Go's singer/songwriter was breaking up with this wife, and oh, how one can feel that. So sad! And the video itself? Just observe! All the sounds are made by the things around the car, I thought there was just some at first, but oh noo!

This song has gotten me through a lot the last weeks... It makes you want to suck it up and get out there again.

New Album: Maximo Park - The National Health

Thankfully a spare moment to write a little blog post. The last year has been full off work and studies and stress from one place to the other. Now my studies are over and I actually have three days of for the first time in longer than I can remember.

Hope you are having a good summer everyone. We had a fantastic 2 week summer as I was writing my latest assignments for my studies. When it went to over +30C in the appartment, my boyfriend started fanning me and kept serving me ice cubes constantly. I want that kind of weather now! Or maybe in the beginning of July. We are also moving soon, so I think there might actually be some posts in the "life" category too, soon.

So! To Maximo Park. Maximo Park snuck into my life maybe 7 years ago. I kept hearing their song (Going missing) on a local radio station again and again and loving it and wondering what it was. This was on the other hand one of these radio station that only tells their listeners once every hour what you have been listening too, and by the time they revealed that information the headphones were off and I was out of the tram and safe and sound at home. Finnally I found out what it was and since I have been a fan.

I loved parts of singer Paul Smiths solo album that came out a few years back, but very excited to hear a new Maximo Park album. They have a very unique energy and intensity that makes me want to jump up and down and go crazy to the music. The single from The new album with the same title, The National Health came a while ago and I instantly really loved it. On this album they have more electronic elements, sounding like 80's synths, but in difference to other bands (like on the latest The Editors album ) they mange to blend it seamlessly in with their angry rock guitars. So far I think my favorite track is "Hips and Lips" that does just that perfectly. Beautiful lyrics about not understanding the other person and the way conversations can be puzzling. I am working my way through the rest of the album and I also like it so far. I have a tendency to like a few things at the time and then move over to the rest after a while. :)

Also it feels like rock is back a little this spring, exciting rock, and it makes my heart skip with joy. (Latest Graham Coxon album for instance ) It is nice to hear some real will behind the music, that's the only way I can describe it :) Paul Smiths voice just sounds real, I believe everything he's singing too me. Also there are not only angry guitars on this album, it feels like they have explored the whole spectrum of emotions more. "Reluctant love" almost sounds like some Joy Division in the beginning only with a soft vocals that sounds like Kings of Convenience. "Write this down" sounds like more classic Maximo Park. "Banlieue" mixes synths and guitars brilliantly again. "This is what becomes of the borkenhearted" has a little of the Coldplay desperation and piano. "Take me home" is a cute little number about being out and wanting to go home with someone :) I quote: "There will be no prosponding, any of our emotions tonight. Take me home, I want you."

Wow, this album just keeps getting better and better.

 Enjoy the fantastic video for  "Hips and Lips". What a fantastic kid :)

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