Wednesday, 23 September 2009

La Blogothèque and Andrew Bird

This blogg will tell you about a fusion of two very good things. First of all you have the amazing makers of "Take-away-shows" La Blogothèque and the Andrew Bird. I first became aware of La Blogothèque though videos they made for Beirut. They are all simply breathtaking. The concept is that an artist plays live and walks around and gets filmed. I have always though thought that I have to look for more videos by La Blogothèque, but I always forgot, until today when my kind friend posted a link to their site at Facebook. Andrew Bird is exactly the same, a musician that I always wanted to check out more and always like when I hear him, yet forget to check out more. So, here I found the combination of two very great things: Andrew Bird and La Blogothèque. It's quite lovely. Oh, and I love the whistling :)

This is a link to the general site, and if you have a look around you can also find other amazing stuff, included... Beirut :)

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Great covers: Jim O'Rourke - Viva Forever

Wow... can't belive that I haven't heard this man before. I have always liked this Spice girls song and the beautiful video has even driven me to tears sometimes, but I also love this cover. It has that great laid back feel of another good old favorite of mine the genius Elliott Smith. I have to listen more to mr. O'Rourke. Just wish it was more of him on Spotify. I get all my music from there these days. Hope I am not missing out on to much.. On the other hand, I am also finding so much good stuff.. :)

Here it is
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