Sunday, 1 July 2012

Arts and crafts: Knitting, crocheting and audio books..

Yesterday I went out and bought the biggest ball of yarn I have ever seen. I got the pattern from the fantastic site Garnstudio. It's a Norwegian site who give out free patterns for all kinds of things for knitting and crocheting and they even tell you how expensive the yarn will be. I had a look through the page for a woollen jacket, since we are moving to a colder part of Norway and I intend to walk to work every day, I need something warm. So, I decided on this one. To my surprise I saw that one just need ONE ball of yarn for it, and I imagined it had to be pretty big, and my oh my, it is! You can see the colours and the size below. The last years I have also started knitting very loosely for some reason, the pattern says that I should use nr 6 in knitting needles, and I had to go all the way down to 4,5 to get it to not be in elephant size. But now I am on my way. It's so fun to knit with multicoloured yarn, you feel like something is happening even though you are just knitting back and forth.

Another project for this summer is a blanket for our bed, it's crocheted in long rectangular strips and than put together in the end. This is the first of the strips. I doubt that I will be done this summer, but the pattern is quite easy, so I can do it quite fast. Nice to do while watching tv for instance.

While crocheting and knitting I have since I was a teenager loved to listen to good audio books. I have not done it in a long while now, but the discovery of Ordflyt has changed it for me. It's almost like Spotify only with audio books! They have published a lot of classics for free, so yesterday I enjoyed a classic Norwegian "farmers drama" from the 1800's, kinda the Norwegian version of Jane Austen :) Today there will be more of Thomas Hardy's book "The Mayor of Casterbridge". Brilliant so far. Ordflyt is a Norwegian service, but there are sure to be something similar in English??

Have a good Sunday, good people. Soon packing and new adventures awaits.
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