Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New single from Blur: Fool's Day

It's due to lots of work, school, love and last but not least, it's been a long time since I've found something new that I really liked. Though Blur came out with a new single yesterday, and that was of course very exciting. It sounds a lot like I thought it would, to be honest. Like a strange mix of Graham Coxon's solo stuff and Gorillaz somehow. Still it's lacking the ultimate magic.. There are a lot of talent in that room, that's for sure, but it somehow sounds like they are standing next to each other rather than working together. I have a feeling that is what happens when you haven't made music for a while. I absolutely love Graham's guitar parts though and after listening to the song quite a few times I am really starting to love the lyrics. It's a good song, not brilliant, but good. I hope we'll get some more from them soon :) And sigh.. Can't wait 'til Flea and Thom are not playing together more and go back to their own bands. We need some real quality from some of the big bands soon.

You can download Blur's single here. Darn I wish I had one of those LP-singles :)
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