Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Life: Embroidery exhibition and Paris

Two great new news for you people :)

About a month back I applied to be a part of an exhibition that is gonna display a more modern approach to cross stitch embroidery. They call it gerilja embroidery and mix like dirty words with the traditional flowers and cute birds :) I wanted to be in on it from the start, and now I am accepted. Two embroideries will go on the wall of an café in Oslo and hopefully get sold. My plan is to make something with an old like expression for something like "Oh darn" or "What the heck?" or "Couldn't say boo to a goose" That kind of old expressions, just in Norwegian. I now have to plan out the project exactly :) Thankfully it's not due til October, so I have all summer :) I have some thoughts about how to do it, so I will keep you posted.

Secondly, I went to Paris a few weeks ago. The city took me by surprise and I loved it surprisingly much more than last time. I think my photos with comments speak for themselves. I took 460!! They can be found here. I will add more as I find the time, so keep checking back :)

Looking forward to my birthday and to June ;) I will tell you more about that some other time :)

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