Thursday, 11 June 2009

Music: Diiiirty Pop

When you spend your whole day working on a program where the characters dance "dirty pop" the line "diiirty pop" suddenly pops into your head. Then you send half of the rest of the day wondering, where that came from. Then suddenly it becomes clear. It's the first line in a song of a boyband that you kinda liked a long time ago and already then had the most talented lead singer ever... yepp, we are talking N*sync, Justin Timberlake and.... "Pop". I even remeber watching a making of of this video at one time. I like it. It pops out of the screen. And Justin? well you know what happened to him :) And the rest of them... I have NO idea... Anyone? Oh and that's some great dancing ;) The whole video is kinda a big Justin advert when I come to think of it. He does vocals, beat boxing and amazing dancing in this one. A bit bad quality, but that was the only thing I could find.

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