Sunday, 12 June 2011

Great Covers: Keane - Under Pressure

I can not believe I haven't blogged about this before! I was looking for my old blog post about it, but no there were none. Well, here goes. The mark of a great vocalist to me is in many ways that he/she is able to do many different things with his or her voice. I think most people who have heard Tom Chaplin from Keane knows that he can do very impressive stuff with his voice, but to take on David Bowie and Freddy Mercury in one song and do it well! Who can not be impressed?? If you are not, you can try the original and see how well he's doing. I also love to see how he's really working to get it! So many different parts of the song as well. Ok, he gets one note really wrong, but bless him, that's ok :) Enjoy! Oh, and of course the rest of the band is also doing amazingly well, not to mention the extra bloke on guitar there. Recognize him? :)

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