Thursday, 17 November 2011

New music: Little Fish

Sometimes music really can grab you, and I have always loved music that sounds like it is played by people who play like their life depend upon it. Little Fish is like that. I was touched from the first moment as the song came through on It made me go, what's this? And that doesn't happen to often. I really liked her voice, but at the same time for some reason felt a bit sceptical. But then I found a link to their YouTube page, and OH MY what a front woman Julia Sophie Heslop is. She has fusioned PJ Harvey, Nina Person and Skin into one. This is music that is dead or alive, that make you run around just scream along with the lyrics because her intensity comes through so strongly. So.. Enjoy! And oh! Who doesn't like a girl that can play guitar well too? Ha?

Official Homepage


Anonymous said...

Digger bloggen :)

Tips: Vær en av de første til å skrive om Mining in Yukon. Har hørt de en del på radioen i det siste. Tror de er på Urørt.

Helene said...

Takk for det, anonyme du :) Ja, kanskje det. Jeg liker å finne musikk helt random egentlig :) Men jeg er jo åpen for nye tips! Veldig hyggelig at du liker bloggen!

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