Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday Fun: Ok Go - Needing/Getting

Since it's Friday it's time to post some fun to, while I am at it! Me and my boyfriend have become addicted to Ok Go during this spring. It all started with their fantastic videos, even though I had heard "Get over it" a long time ago and really loved that too. Thinking closer, that might have been because of the video too..

Here is the latest one so far: Needing/Getting. This features a very strange version of the song, so I will also post you a link to the original further down on the page. And listen to the lyrics. Ok Go's singer/songwriter was breaking up with this wife, and oh, how one can feel that. So sad! And the video itself? Just observe! All the sounds are made by the things around the car, I thought there was just some at first, but oh noo!

This song has gotten me through a lot the last weeks... It makes you want to suck it up and get out there again.

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