Monday, 16 September 2013

Song of the Day #27 - Arctic Monkeys - From Ritz to Rubble

I discovered Arctic Monkeys around about the time when the record with this song came out. This is when Arctic Monkeys was still incredibly young and talented. They are still young and talented, but we are talking teenagers here. What appealed to me was first the energy of the thing, but soon I caught myself catching a phrase here and there of the lyrics and then did something quite uncommon for me, I looked it up and found out that it's one hell of a fantastic youth tale about going out on a Saturday and trying to sneak into bars etc. Alex Taylor has a very unique language and phrasing and I love the way he play with timing and words in this one.

Here it is in a fantastic live version from Later with Jools Holland. Maybe the greatest music show in history. And those guitar riff, and that bass riff and those drums. This is a good song in all the ways necessary. 

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