Saturday, 21 November 2009

Great websites: - How to organize your books?

A friend of mine gave me this link after my blog about all my books earlier this week. It turns out to be an amazing site where you can add all your books and almost everything about them. There are wide opportunities to get to know other people that like the same books as you or keep in touch with old literature loving friends :)
You can add 200 books for free and you can choose yourself the price for an upgrade, though there is a fixed minimum price. More info here:
The whole site also seams very serious for some reason, I think it's the layout. I wish they could have made it a bit more cozy, but then again a neutral look will appeal to more people of all ages and backgrounds. Anyways.. Amazing site, I will add all my books there when I get them into their shelves!
Good night, I think it's supposed to be sun in Norway for the first time in a month or so tomorrow :)

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