Saturday, 12 March 2011

Great musicians: Charlotte Hatherley

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(This is an old blog post I wrote back in 2008 in another blog, but Charlotte is still a great gal, though her latest solo work, is not that great. She's just a very cool.)

A few years back I started listening to a lot of Ash, but it was first about a year ago I realized that the lead-guitarists on those tracks was actually a woman: Charlotte Hatherley. Later she has left the band and got a solo career, but I still really love those guitarlicks that she made for the Ash songs. Tonight I also looked at some of her solo stuff and it's really cool to.

Great interview about guitarplaying.

Bastardo is a really funny song and a great cartoon video.
Making of Bastardo

Mostly her solo stuff is not as good as Ash though, but the guitarplaying is genius as always :)

This is Shining light of Ash where I think she does some really really beautiful guitar lines especially on the refrains in the end. (Look how little focus it is on Charlotte though she actually does more than sing and almost all the solo guitar stuff. That would never happen to a boy ;)

On Jules Holland though things are a little better. They always know the song before they film it ;)

This from Glastonbury is not so bad either

Cool interview, a little bit bad sound though :)

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