Saturday, 5 March 2011

Musical Memories: DumDum Boys - SUS

Obs, det var her vi var
Vel, hurra for det
Teddyfor i hue og vrient lynne

Time for another of my musical memories: those songs or albums that just brings you back to a certain time in your life and you can almost feel the air from back then around you.

For me one of this magic moments are connected to the Norwegian band DumDum Boys album SUS. I have it on cd, but I am a lazy one these days and listen to most of my music through Spotify, so I have waited for a long time for that album to be released on Spotify. A lot of people doesn't really like this DumDum album, I think. But I simply love the sound of it. It has great guitar riffs (all through the album), exciting arrangements (Texas/Møkkamann), sounds and effects and cool rhythms (Nå er Nå). DumDum Boys is almost always great when it comes to pure rock'n'roll and great lyrics, but this has something extra. And I also think it's quite amazing that it came out in 1996. It's somehow very adventures for it's time and just before the years when some of my favourite new and adventurous albums from the late 90's came out, but I mean this is Norway..! I just think it's a little treasure. Not to mention the strange fact that it was recorded in Australia.

I haven't listened to the album in several years now, but it's amazing when you find music that you have for some reason loved in your life, and you still remember every line of lyric and they are still great. It brings me back to being 17 in my mother's basement. I can almost smell the sound of the walls. Looking forward to have this as my background music while I work on Monday.

SuS on Spotify
Home page for DumDum Boys

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