Sunday, 22 January 2012

New album: Dodgy - Stand Upright in a Cool Place

In the late 90's I was given three Dodgy albums at once. And I was very thankful, they were brilliant then and I still think they are great. It's not often that one likes all the songs of three albums. I hope that's not only because anything you listened to when you were 19 is steeped with memories and intense feelings. I was, as you can imagine, thrilled to find out that Dodgy had gotten back together and even more thrilled now, when I found out there is a new album coming out!
The new single sounds a lot like what they used to sound like, some kind of classic Dodgy sound. It's just catchy, smooth and wonderful. It's a bit like if someone has blended the classic rock bands of America of the 70's like The Eagles and Chicago and Noel Gallagher solo somehow, I think. To me it most of all feel like I have been asleep and someone put on real music again. Very curious about the rest of the album, get ready for the 20th of February! I am sure I will be back with more then.

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