Saturday, 21 January 2012

Your own personal music tv channel? Yes, please!

Since MTV these days are more busy with everything in a teenagers life that has nothing to do with music, than actually playing music videos. Since VH1 is not available in a big scale, and maybe you want something really tailored to your taste? Well, I have the answer. Get a account. let it record what you are listening to. Go to Tim Bormans page. Log in with your account. And boom, it makes your own music tv channel from videos on YouTube that match the music you have listened to a lot on Very easy to get addicted. Before we knew it, one and a half hour had passed... :)

The sound levels change a little of course, so you have to adjust that as you go along, and you sometimes get videos with just a still picture or lyrics, but if you don't want it, you can just skip to the next one. Plus, you get all kinds of delightful live clips!! Enjoy!And thanks, Tim.

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