Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Great songs & Great music videos: Island in the sun - Weezer

In light of the last e-mail that was all about Christmas and Weezer it's time to celebrate the spring instead. After about 3 days of sun in all of 2009 it actually looks like sun and spring is heading this way!! I am so sick of snow, I guess this is the revenge for wishing for snow instead of brown fields for Christmas.

This is one of the most beautiful spring/summer songs there is. It makes you feel nice and safe and happy. The video is one of the most cute, sweet and videos around too. All the animal babies playing together, it's almost like a piece of heaven :) It's no wonder that it's great really, I mean, it was directed by none other than the great Spike Jonze. I am sure I'll get back to him later :) You can read more about the song here. And see the video here.

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