Monday, 6 July 2009

Live: Blur in Hyde Park

I have been a fan of Blur since around 1997 and I also loved the hits that came out before that. So when I heard that they were getting back together at end of 2008 and were going to play two gigs in Hyde Park in July 2009, I just knew I had to be there. God knows if they would ever play together again other than that.. And what a chance to see Blur on their home ground in London. So I bought two tickets and said to myself that I was going, even if I would go alone.. he he...

As the months went on I met a wonderful man and persuaded him to go to London with me too. That turned the experience even better. To be able to share a band I love with someone I love, just made it extra magical.

First of all.. I have been to concerts with 30 000 people, so I though I had a clue of what I was going into... But my god.. 55 000 are a lot of people!!! As I was moving forwards through all the people and trying to get closer to the scene it didn't feel like i was moving and all.. That's how waste the field was... :) We squeezed us into a little spot in the end were we would kinda be able to see both the stage and some big screens. The grass was totally yellow and kept sticking to everything. I really wanted to tell one woman that all of the back of her trousers was filled with grass, but i didn't have the nerve to.

As it drew closer to "kick-off" we move closer to the stage and I observed two new things that are different from concerts in England to those in Norway: 1. Everybody had bottles and like tossing them into the air so they hit other people. Some people even like to get hit and will get upon the shoulders of others and taunt them, so that they get bottles thrown at them.. The big problem occurs when you are near such a person.. The bottles will hit you (Thankfully these are not real bottles, as we first thought, but plastic bottles.. Still hurts when you get one into your ear though.. hehe) 2: English people like to stand closer too you than Norwegian people. That made me have a tiny bit of claustrophobia when there were people as far as I could see in any direction, but then the band started and I forgot :)

I now can't remember what the first song was anymore, though I think it might have been "there's no other way"? I at least know that the second song was "Boys and girls". I have NEVER in my life seen so much enthusiasm and heard so many people sing along.. It was just MAGIC!! I can't even describe it.. I add some videos below, so you can just see it yourself. The rest was just.... Song after song and hit after hit. I think they were in a bit of a shock themselves too. They played better than I have ever heard them before (on youtube) and the whole vibe of the performance even transcended that of the u2 concerts I have been too. And you can imagine the showmanship of Bono... Hard to live up too. I say it again. I have never ever seen so many excited people in one place :) when we came to song 2 it just too totally off and were just orgasmic before the lull and calming light and amazingly soothing tones of Universals guitar riff said good bye. I was so tired I could hardly walk or think and was glad to have a man that could lead me too the crowds home... :) The heros are back. Let's hope they stay around for a while. The music they will make now if they continue... oh wow.. I look forward to tell stories about this when I become and old little lady.

Links to videos:

I was on this side... just more to the middle and more to the front!

From the stage:


Another genreral discripion thing.. Well done! Best filming of Song 2 and the whole feel of the thing:

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