Saturday, 18 July 2009

New Thom Yorke song/Mark Mulcahy cover with brother

Thanks to "Rock it out!" blog on YouTube I found out about this one. It's indeed a new Thom Yorke song. Or really it's a cover by Thom Yorke of a song of Mark Mulcahy. I must honestly say that this guy has slipped right passed me, because I have never heard about him before. I have to read up on this. Apparently though, when a guy get a tribute album like this with all kinds of famous artists, he must be a good guy. The album is out to support him since he's wife died and left him alone with their twins of 3 years old. (And after taking care of twin babies for three days this week I can honestly say that I understand why he need all the support that he can).
The Thom York cover sound very much like him. The really interesting part for me, as a fan though, is that his brother is actually doing the background vocals on this one. Wow, it would be very interesting if they could do more stuff together. Two great voices there. I think the other brother need to be brought even more into the lime light too..

Here is a link to the song.
Here is more about the cd.

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brian said... for more info on andy. he's quite talented. had a solo album come out in 2008.

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