Saturday, 18 July 2009

New single and video: Imogen Heap - First Train Home and Canvas

Oh, if you haven't seen this yet: Imogen Heap has just released a single and a video for two of the song that are on her soon upcoming album. The album "Ellipse" is to be released on the 25. August, and it will be very exciting to hear the final result. I have been a huge fan of her video diary on YouTube and cried when I saw the final episode when she was done. She just strikes something good in me, that one. I like the person and the music. I also wanna be her.. hehe. I was actually also so lucky as to be chosen to be part of a bio that was written about her earlier this year. He he.. No, I am not her secret grandmother. She asked all her fans to write things about her on twitter and then some was selected to form a promo/biography thing that was sent out to press, pr etc. The cool thing is that also everyone was mentioned in references, so it says that I said that very sentence. Lovely. Good project. Also fans helped her make the album art and the whole story of her video diarys will apparently be on a dvd. Can't wait..! Hm.. I listen to the new Thom Yorke song now and expected to hear Imogens voice after the first few bars and there suddenly was Thom.. wow.. That would be an interesting duo in the studio.. They know how to sing and also really know their gadgets :D

First Train Home

Imogen Heap - Canvas
Imogen Heap - Canvas

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