Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Musical memories: Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song

Every year I am always afraid of loosing the Christmas spirit before I actually get to Christmas itself. I don't want to be so sick an tired of Christmas that when it finally comes I won't feel a thing and just think that I hope it's over soon. I had a golden Christmas moment a few weeks ago when it was snowing, I listened to the first Christmas music of the year. I was on my way home from work on a bus and all the beautiful Christmas decorations and lights of Oslo was up. Somewhere between there and now, I lost it again. I thought it would help to come home to my mother's where I always celebrate Christmas and me and my boyfriend went home by train through a fantastic winter wonderland. But still nothing. A few hours after I came home I got a terrible cold and for the last 4 days I have had no Christmas feeling at all. But today my friends.. Today I have changed from being a sick little gal myself and into a nurse for my darling, who not surprisingly has the same bug as me. We are hopeing my mother doesn't get it too.

The three of us had a lovely Christmas lunch and after that I opened the chest and started to dig into the Christmas decorations. And then slowly, as I put every little ornament in it's place, half of it stuff I made in school over the years, it started to sneak up on me. Me and my mother laughed at the funny Santa we have that plays blues when you move him and a new Nisse got a new spot at the piano. Now I am really looking forward to going to go into the cold beautiful forest tomorrow and and getting the tree, and then, as I am decorating the tree, I am gonna listen to the greatest Christmas songs of all, in my mind: Nat King Cole's version of The Christmas Song.

You can listen to it here, and as you might notice, I have written about that experience before.

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