Sunday, 29 August 2010

Great soundtracks: "Inception" feat Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr

I went to see Inception a few weeks ago and it is just one of those amazing movies that leave you sitting quietly as a mouse in your seat and makes you want to clap when it's over. I am not sure if I have felt like this since Matrix. Something utterly new, a new way the brain things about the world around me. As I watched the movie in the theatre I was struck by the great soundtrack to the film, and as I watched the credits, I saw not surprisingly that it was one of my favourite soundtrack composers that had written it, the amazing Hans Zimmer. I have loved his work in stuff like The Da Vinci code and Gladiator etc.). So I have listened to the soundtrack for a few weeks now, and it's truly amazing. The build up's and the tension really take you back to the movie experience and makes you sit on needless even when you are not watching the movie.

Today I realized something not surprising but quite wonderful. Johnny Marr (of The Smiths) is playing guitar on the soundtrack! Of course it's him, I said to myself! Of course. And it is so perfect. So go see the movie, listen to the soundtrack and see Johnny talk about it!

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