Monday, 21 February 2011

Thoughts on music: Me and Radiohead

This is an answer I wrote in a discussion about Radiohead and it's music in a message board tonight, and I think it sums up a lot of what I think about Radiohead and also the new album in context, so I want to share it with you as well:

Hm.,,, Let's see... I don't think I have been clear enough in either my blog post or the last post here. I guess I am just not used to writing to people who (like me) have such detailed knowledge of Radiohead's music + I haven't really had the time (or now for that matter) to sit down and explain all the details in the relationship between me and Radiohead's music. That can literally take hours, I think :) First of all, I get the feeling that you think that I am one of those who only like the easy accessible things, though "I might be wrong". The songs I choose as examples was very random and the first ones that came to mind as I was writing. One of the things I like most about Radiohead is their diversity and that they have done pretty much everything from punk to very very strange experimental electronica via jazz... etc. People who master song writing to that scale is truly brilliant geniuses to me. (And don't forget Jonny, I am a huge fan of his and most of the time think that he is more brilliant that Thom when it comes to solo stuff, he's a 9,5 out of 10 while Thom is around 9 for me. The combination of the two of these brilliant minds and of course the others makes the magic for me. Anyhow, isn't arrangements a big part of song writing? to me it is at least, and easily the part I enjoy the most when I am writing music with my band. The thrill of finding the perfect bass line, the right rhythm combination between two guitars, the right use of cymbals on the drums. Not to mention the build up's. Radiohead are masters at that and one of the things I admire them most for. So far there has never been a dull moment in what they have made and they have such an amazing ability to do the right things at the right time, take the bass out for two bars here and put in a squeak there. I am grinning as I am writing. Clearly the most inspirational music for my own work. And I don't only mean in the more poppy or main-streem songs if you wish... Now I am scared of coming with examples, because I love all the songs for different reasons and it would, as I said, take years to explain why.
When it comes to rhythmical interplay, I must disagree, even though I haven't heard all the details yet. There are far more exciting things on other songs, like for instance Pyramid song (of the top of my head).There might be more exciting bass lines on TKOL though...But the drums are fairly boring, and stay the same all through the songs, though very groovy :)
I never said Ok Computer did strike me right away, it took me some time to like that one too. And I think 98% of everything they have done from PH to IR has that grace feeling and brilliance. TKOL might get there, but I have a feeling it will take me way shorter time to decipher and figure out, and than a lot of the thrill is gone for me. Hm... But... Again.. I love different Radiohead songs for different reasons. I love Pop is Dead for it's brilliant gitar solo and "devil-may-care" attitude and "2+2=5 for all it's different parts, and "Sail to the moon" for the lovely feeling of being in the middle of the night and the amazing presence that has, I love Kid A(Kid A) for the beautiful spider web of sounds and well calculated beeps and squeaks. Did I make myself clearer? :) I am a tiny bit enthusiastic about this topic. And sorry for being off topic to this thread!

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