Monday, 28 February 2011

New Music: Charles Spearin - The Happiness Project

February has been a very quiet blog month to me, mostly because I didn't have any internet for about 3 weeks, but here is a last little post squeezed in. I'll try to post a few more at least during March, I am starting a new job, but

Thanks to the greatness of my player I again heard a song called Mrs. Morris of Charles Spearin as part of The Happiness Project. To explain the concept easily Charles interviewed his neighbours about the topic of happiness and listened to the melodies they made as they talked and then made music of it. I think it's a genius idea. It would have been amazing to do a similar project to this in Norwegian because everybody that doesn't speak it say that Norwegian sound like we are singing and that we are always happy. Maybe something for the future. That Mrs. Morris is also a quite brilliant woman.

Video about the project and web site

Link to the album on Spotify

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