Saturday, 19 February 2011

New Music: The King of Limbs - Radiohead

Every time there is a new Radiohead album this happens to me, I know that it's coming and I am not looking forward to it.

It's been like this since Kid A, I think. The first 4-15 times I listen to the album I don't really like it. I kind of hate it to be honest.

And this comes from a woman who has Radiohead's music in her heart-blood and brain core.

And I know that after a while the pieces of the puzzles will fall into their place and I will start to love them all like little babies, one after the other. I love the fact that it's music that I can dig into for years and still find new stuff, but at the same time it's a horrible process to get that far. This time I am also more scared that I have been in years.

To be very honest, I wonder what Ed O'Brien has been doing through most of the recording of this album. As a first listen a lot of the songs sounded like they could come from a Thom Yorke solo album.
I miss the layers upon layers of guitars, guitars in general and Mr. J. Greenwood's influence of the music. And I missed the brilliant arrangements and the excitement of different parts (On songs like Arpeggi, 2+2=5, All I need etc ). It all turned me quite sad.

Thankfully it is now slowly getting better. I am starting to see snippets of things I love here and there... Hear details that I know comes from them all, or I at least believe so.
I am starting to get used to the idea of an Radiohead album that is this stripped down. It took me some time. It also helped a lot to imagine the songs being played live in my head. That adds a energy that I think is somewhat lacking.

Pieces of brilliance that I have found so far includes: Codex in general, except a bit of a boring piano riff, the amazing first long tone that Thom sings, it's almost like Liam Gallagher on his best, there is some kind of double depth to the voice. Last night that song made me get chills for the first time, that must be a good sign.

I love that there are guitars coming in on Separator just when the song is starting to become so boring that I almost want to turn it off. That's a tiny piece heaven right there.

I love the middle section of Bloom in opposition to the rest of the song. I can hear a lot of Greenwood solo stuff there somehow. And I love Thom Yorke, but I want them both.
In general there is a lot of lovely groovy drums and bass playing, but it could have been even more exciting and in different time figures and stuff. Hm. But I am getting there.

Starting to love the guitars and rhythms on MorningMrMagpie also now. hm...
And I have loved LittleByLittle since the start.

Darn it. I am loving more and more of this. I think I am getting there again. It seamed impossible 24 hours ago. Sigh :)

And I really want to hear an interview with them now.

Are you now thinking. Radiohead? New album? where and what? You can click here

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