Sunday, 24 March 2013

Song of the Day #23 - Ok Go - Needing/getting

Time for some Ok Go in the Song of the Day series. Needing/getting is one of this intense songs about desperation. Pure and simple. The whole album it is from is lyricwise very clearly about Damien breaking up with his wife and what to do in such a situation. Lots of emotions straight from the heart here. I love the phrase: "It don't get much dumber, than trying to forget a girl when you love her." Without the music though it sounds like it could be from any boring teenage love song. With the music; crazy, lovesick sea shanty, or something in that general direction. Oh and what a lovely 7 part!

The video deserves at least one blog post for itself. So here.
More of what I have written about Ok Go.

Here is a live version of the song, with a fantastic intro. Click above for the original version or listen on Spotify.

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