Friday, 22 March 2013

Song of the Day #21 - Suede - It Starts And Ends With You

First of all; I am sorry for not doing Song of the Day for a while. Life is full of big changes now and there is no extra energy for a lot of other things, but I do really love it and I promise I will be back more frequently when everything calms down a bit more.

So.. Last Monday the new Suede album came out and it was with anticipation and a bit of prejudice I clicked the button at YouTube to listen. I wasn't a huge fan of Suede, though a big fan of britpop, it was mostly about Blur and Oasis for me. It was a bit to much yelping going on for me, even though I loved the classics. So it was with great delight and surprised I for the first time in what seamed like a very long time listened to quality music. I have seen a lot of other reviews written by journalists my age do the same; it feels like 1996 just in a 2013 version. Me personally I love the 2013 Suede more than the 1996 version. Catchy, melodic as always, a bit less yelping.. and this thing corners like it's on rails.. It swings around corners like a true beauty. Lots of good stuff are coming our way this spring. Travis and Phoenix are right around the corner.

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