Monday, 25 March 2013

Song of the Day #24 - Travis - Another Guy

After a short and not very successful solo career for Fran Healey, it's wonderful to see the boys in Travis back together. Not that I was ever in doubt that they would make something together soon again, it was just so obvious that Fran needs the rest of them to make something brilliant. That said, it was quite obvious that they needed a break and regroup. Ok, let's not think more of that whole thing, but happier thoughts! I have been a huge Travis fan since I bought both The Man Who and The Invisible Band in one go back in the beginning of the 2000's. Standing on the platform waiting for my train home I flicked through the songs on my portable cd player (Yes, thoose before i-something, those you could walk with) and realized that I thought every single song on the cds was brilliant. The saga continues with something in the region of 10 Travis concerts over the years, strange weather phenomena to "Why Does it Always Rain on Me" on the Quart festival etc. etc. etc. By now Travis feel like family, a safe place to return too.

It was, as you can imagine, with much anticipation after all of that, that I clicked on the link on YouTube to hear their new song. Again I experience a love at first sight, it just works and hits me in the right spot. And as always, the videos are inventive, full of good acting and makes you laugh. I can't wait to hear the rest and to see them on a stage somewhere in Norway soon. (Other Travis related posts..)

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