Saturday, 23 February 2013

Song of the Day #20 - Phoenix - Entertainment

After a few very stressful weeks of sickness and planing for the future, I am back! And with such a great thing! I was really thrilled to discover that Phoenix has released their new single. There has been no news from Phoenix for about a year and I was hoping that the great success they experienced with their last album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, hadn't made them never want to make anything again. I knew they had started an album, but then what had happened? Thankful a new album, Bankrupt!, is just around the corner and the new single was released on the 14th and if you listen to the lyrics, the struggles with fame are evident.

As usual with Phoenix, I liked it the first time I heard it, but thought it wasn't that fantastic, but by the second time I was hooked. Phoenix are masters at making catchy tunes and after the second time listening to the song, it kept spinning in my mind the rest of the day. Somehow this is the elegant version of the Asian inspired stuff made by Coldplay. I am so looking forward to the rest. Great to get some elegance in the world!

I have written a lot about Phoenix in my blog all ready, read more here

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