Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Great websites: Audioboo

Audioboo reminds me quite a lot about a page I found a few years ago, but I have lost the link to. That page was filled with the sounds of the world, meaning it had a big map and you could click on different parts of the world and hear the sounds from this place. Audioboo also have some of that but also all kinds of other sound things. For instance I just listened to a man who had linked his clip to a road and where he talks about the fact that he does not want to drive on this road but wants to stay home in bed.

For me, this page is an amazing treasure chest. It mixes my love for sound and music with my love for people (most of the time). As a cultural historian I love how people go about with their little lives and how their customs and identity is shaped by and help shaping culture. It's like having the whole world in your computer. I love it so far and is looking forward to exploring it more and hopefully upload some of my own stuff one day.

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