Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New Music: Sean Lennon

I can't believe I haven't written anything about the magnificent Sean Lennon here yet! I discovered him for real in around 2006, but I post it now as new music, because I believe too few people have heard this.

I have always thought that Mr.Lennon was the exciting Beatle, so I thought to myself... "Wait a minute, that Sean Lennon, he must be one talented guy with those parents, what kind of things have he done." So I searched him up on the internet, and there it was: Such great music. The scariest thing, that should not scare me, but still did, was the fact that his voice and way of writing music sounds so so much like his father. The melodies are just delightful, springy and catchy and the voice, yes, we have heard that voice before. I was awestruck and still is.

Young Mr. Lennon is not surprisingly involved in all kinds of musical and artistic past-times in New York, and I must take my time some day to sit down and read up on it all, and I will tell you more then. For now, let the great music speak.

Ah! And I of course was reminded that his whole name is of course Sean Ono Lennon, thanks to his brilliant website..

Sean Lennon on Spotify.

And here are some videos:

This one can't be built in, but is equally great:

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