Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Great songs: The Raconteurs - Carolina Drama

I have written before about my love for Mr. Jack White as a performer in this blog. Now it's time to celebrate his storyteller skills. The Raconteurs song Carolina Drama is an fantastic little hill-billy story that has all the classic elements that hark back to storyteller geniuses like Johnny Cash, of family dramas and murders and deceit. Still this one is quirkier than the classic country ballads, though it is clear for me that the inspiration comes from that tradition. Somehow though I think Mr. Cash never would have chosen a bottle of milk as a murder weapon. The music also builds in a brilliant way and underpins the rise of the climax of the story by steadily more climatic music. Perfectly done. That also go for perfectly timed breaks that makes you hunger and wonder for the next part of the story. The haunting high pitched vocals at the back of this little breaks in the music also adds to the airiness and chilliness of the whole thing, as it is absolutely one hell of a drama. As I said, great storytelling.

It took me about 60 tries to get my head around the lyrics and understand who is actually killing who and who is who's father. I loved that whole process of unfolding that whole brilliant story, so I am going to give you the chance too. You can either listen to lyrics yourself or read them from the link below. There is also something strangely "True Bloodish" about this whole lyrics too, as my darlin' pointed out. I find myself really liking that part of the American style. Must look more into that.




Anonymous said...

Up until recently- I thought no song could be the greatest song in history. Any strong contendors were highly debatable. A few weeks ago, I discovered the greatest song in history.

Well done, Mr White.

Helene said...

Well done, indeed! What an amazing story and what an intensity that man has. Looking forward to see what he will be doing in the future. Check out the rest of my Great Songs series. Maybe you'll fine something else that you like.

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