Tuesday, 12 April 2011

New music: Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighters

It feels like the whole of 2010 went past with any quality rock music. All my favourite rock band seamed to want to start playing some weird kind of 80's rock hard synth pop style and throw the guitars out the windows. Well, I like guitars, so shoot me. I like them a lot together with tons of interesting electronica effects too. But not rock bands who just removed all trace of the guitar band they once was. Some examples are the latest album from The Strokes', The Editors' and Kent's latest albums. And it seams like Radiohead has stopped doing rock and guitars too.

In all of this, I am extremely happy with the latest album of Foo Fighters and what I have heard so far from the latest Arctic Monkeys album. The Foo fighters are still masters at both amazing use of rhythms and the skills of hit writing that is almost at Bon Jovi and U2 level. The songs that stick around in your mind and you just love. I need to listen more to the new album, but so far it's just great and makes me go "oh, cool! " That is not often in my musical world. Arctic Monkeys released another single from their upcoming album on their web page to, and it just sounds as great quality as always. They just have their own significant and quite brilliant signature that stays with them even if they expand and grow. Let's hope the future will see more of this at other people too. There must be time for some rock'n'roll soon now. The last years have been either metal or pop.

Foo fighters new album on Spotify

Arctic Monkeys new single

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