Saturday, 30 April 2011

New music and New Album: Veronica Maggio - Satan i Gatan

It's not often that the first round I listen to a album I find myself really enjoying and listening to the lyrics. Whenever that happens, it's quite a miracle and deserves a blog post just for that. I just put on the new album to the Swedish artist Veronica Maggio, just for fun and was totally blown away. Beautiful pop song with so much soul and honesty and power, lovely stuff! I am looking forward to checking out every little detail of the album as I go along. And her voice is amazing, it captures you and draws you in. It's sharp, demanding and clear, but in a very very good way. Great music for a Saturday morning, though not always so happy lyrics. If she continues in the tracks of the last album, very likely from what I have heard, she is highly self ironic and talks about her own little party life a lot, and I just like it. I wasn't sure when I heard her old album, it just sounded winy, but for some reason it now works! It's almost as catchy as Kent at times. And she's amazingly good at build ups to. Guitar riffs are almost as catchy as Håkan Hellstrøm. I guess this is Swedish delight. Makes me shake around the room. :) Enjoy!

Spotify link

And Jag kommer - I am coming.
This may easily be the one that ends up as my first favourite. Here is the video.

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