Monday, 18 April 2011

New music (for some of you): BigBang

Sometime one comes across personal favourites that one doesn't understand why other people don't like. You try to get your friends into it, but nah.. On a larger scale, what about those bands that are great heroes in a country, but for some strange reason haven't made it out there for real. BigBang is one of those bands I think. I am not sure really to what degree they have sold records outside of Norway, but they haven't got the huge appreciation that I think they deserves. This is a band who has been around since 1992 and that I think all Norwegians have in their hearts to some degree. A couple of weeks ago they released a brilliant new album. I should probably write more about it, but the truth is that I haven't really listened enough to it yet, only enough to know that it is over all very very good.

So what can I say? BigBang to me has the same kind of solidness as you find when you are listen to R.E.M. Everything they do is just quality. It's just rock bottom steady and nice and just darn good! They are such great talented musicans. They are a great guitarist, bassist, drummer and singer. And when they make music together they just float. More then ever live. You just find yourself nodding you head along and thinking, "Oh, yeah! This is groovy!". As any good music the music speaks best for itself, so if you haven't heard about them or haven't heard enough, or want to hear it again, here are some links:
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