Friday, 18 January 2013

Song of the Day #1: Muse - Space Dementia

There is a lot of talk about Muse these days, so my first Song of the Day is dedicated to them. I discovered Muse back in 2001 and where lucky enough to see them on the Norwegian Quart festival the same year. It was one of those brilliant afternoons, they where followed by The White Stripes and there was almost no audience, we felt lucky to be there. I remember being so thrilled by the way Matthew played piano and guitar live and that voice on top of it. I am still a great fan of the first two records, but after that it has somehow lost is flavour to me. It's not so innovative any more, or maybe the thrill of something new is just lost to me. Anyways.. Space Dementia was my favourite then and still is. Darn it, that is so good piano and guitar playing and what an arrangement!! Enjoy!

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