Friday, 25 January 2013

Song of the Day #5 - Aerosmith - Crazy

Time for some 90's nostalgia. This song takes me straight back to being fourteen and sitting together with my friend in one of our rooms out in the countryside and watching videos that we had taped on VHS. And what a video. This gives every 14 year old big dreams on what lies ahead in the rest of a teenage years: a mix of "Wow, I really want to be like that," and secretly "That looks to scary and crazy". The closest I got was climbing over a fence in a park and wading around in kids pool in the middle of the night in an English town. That was four years later. And of course one can not help but noticing the fantastic similarities between father and son. Great people. Good hit makers, those boys in Aerosmith. Enjoy your weekend, and don't go to crazy.

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