Monday, 21 January 2013

Song of the Day #4 - Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like A Woman

Today I stumbled upon an Oprah interview with Shania Twain. Shania Twains voice always makes me cry, because it has this genuine quality to it I think, and I have always admired her ability to turn out one hit tune after the other. I guess it helps to have worked together with such a brilliant producer as Mutt Lange for many years, but still. I was surprised to learn that she is struggling with her voice and why.

The last years I have been wondering what has been going on with Shania. I read that she had moved to Switzerland and though: "Oh, well, that's that, she has quite and is enjoying her calm family life." Then the next time I looked it up, I found out that she and her husband Mutt Lange had split because he had been having a relationship with her best friend and assistant. Wow, imagine what that feels like. So today, I was curious when I saw that there was an Oprah interview up on YouTube. She was talking about her life and all the things she had gone through; to cut it short, growing up in a home with domestic violence, very poor, her parents dying when she was young so she had to take care of all the brothers and sisters, then fame with all that bottled up and then the whole story with her husband. On the show there was also announced that she was doing a documentary series where she tried to find her voice, which from all this stress and insecurities just had gone. It's was so interesting to me how a woman who had always seemed so confident and strong turned out to have so much bottled up that it in the end ended up effecting her physically. It's a good series.

And so.. why this song? Because it's fantastic tune and a great video spoof of Robert Palmer's "Addicted to love", and I love the colour scheme and outfits and all about it. It's a celebration of a strong woman, but at the same time remember, people are not always as strong as they look. No one is, and we all need to remember that.

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