Sunday, 27 January 2013

Song of the Day #7 - Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow

Sunday, and this song somehow seams to fit. Flowing and makes one thing about life a little.The last six months I have walked to work a lot and for me it's a brilliant moment to listen to good music. I love walking and listening and see the world glide by around me. Needless to say I have been listening to a lot of different stuff, and so far there is one song that beats anything else; Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics. The flow of the song and those beautiful harmonies that goes through the whole song just cuddles you a little as you wander into the world and has just the perfect pace to take in the morning rush hour and passing people. Try it yourself, you will love it too.

These great experiences made me want to look into the song a bit more. I had actually not seen the video until a few weeks ago. And it's quite lovely. Watching it and also really listening to the lyrics for the first time made me realize that the song is about being lost in the world and slowly finding your way home and yourself or having hope that some day you will. For me that made the song beautiful in a new dimension. "I've been the upper side of down and the inside of out, but we breath, we breath.."

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Maybe Tomorrow on Spotify

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