Saturday, 2 February 2013

Song of the Day #12 - Melanie C feat. Emma Bunton - I Know Him So Well

This morning I woke up with Les Miserables music on my mind, not so surprising since the movie is everywhere these days. I started searching for good performances on Les Mis music online for the Song of the Day, and before I knew it, I had found this; there in the middle of sappy, musicalland. Sometimes my heart goes back to being a teenager, I guess. I loved musicals with a new-found joy back then, and even though I am a bit fed up off of them now, the tears still fall when I hear a good vocal performance with a melody, and oh, there are so many of those in the musical world!

The late 90's, aka my late teens, where also filled with Spice Girls-mania. I soon got a favourite among them; Mel C and has always though that she was the unique one, with a fantastic honest, soul-pierceing voice. In short; this is a combination of some of the best from the late 90's in my life; Mel C and Emma Bunton singing, "I Know Him So Well" from Chess. It made my eyes water, home it touches you too.

(Hm..seams like Mel C has new album out too. Must check out.)

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