Sunday, 3 February 2013

Song of the Day #13 - George Gershwin - Prelude no. 1 B flat major

I have played the piano since I was 6 and over the years I have found a few pieces that I really really love and would love to play. Gershwin's Prelude no. 1 B flat major is one of them. I have even gone so far as to actually have the sheet music for it, but oh my, it's tricky and my fingers are out of shape these days. One day, my friends, one day.

What I love so much about the play is the springy, playfulness of it. It is just all over the place and all around, it takes unexpected turns and twists and thrills you more and more. It has fantastic chords as well and as a piano player it is one of those pieces who almost allows you to dance in front of the piano, and also be a bit of a rocker; you can really hit hard on those chords and also the enjoyment of being able to master passages who requires a lot of training to get just right. 

(In this blog post there is first one video of the music with the sheet music, so if you are a musician, you will really enjoy the complexities there. The second video is the best performance of the piece I could find of YouTube; namely Gershwin playing Gershwin, Thirdly my favourite recording of the piece. I had to search far and wide to find someone who finally put some dynamics and drive into it! Well done :)

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