Saturday, 9 February 2013

Song of the Day #18 - Alabama Shakes - Hold On

Today's Song of the Day is a unique blend of country, blues and soul. Alabama Shakes is some of the most genuine stuff I have heard for a long long time in a time in music where I feel like everything sounds like copys and similarities. I heard them the first time very randomly on BBC 6 and was totally blasted out of my chair by Brittanys voice and the good quality of the whole thing. She's up there with the likes of Aretha if you as me.  It all sounded so much like.. a unit, like these people are pulling in the same direction... :) I love music that is so powerful that it sounds like the musicians would have died if they weren't allowed to let it out. This is like that. Listen and you will know what I mean. I also love that they are delightfully nerdy. It seams very real and remind me of bands I have been in over the years.

Alabama Shakes is playing Øyafestivalen in Norway on the same day as Blur. I gotta get myself there somehow. It's going to be on of those fantastic days. Have a good Saturday, people, I hope it's as much sun there as it is here.

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