Friday, 7 January 2011

Great covers: Vitamin String Quartet - Beaucoup de VSQ

(Photo from the band's own homepage)

I am a sucker for great covers by string quartets of great pop and rock songs. I have also the last years gradually grown more and more fond of French electronica or electronica related music. In that last category I put the band Phoenix. Though they are strictly also a rock band the influences from being Air's backing band is very clear (I can't believe I haven't written about that either, more about that later then). Anywayys (as Ellen says it) when you mash a great string quartet together with brilliant French tunes it makes one hell of a masterpiece if you ask me, and was lucky enough to stumble upon it yesterday randomly in Spotify. The String quartet (also called Vitamin String Quartet has made lots of covers of everything and anything, so there will surely be more blogging about them soon. They capture all the little great details of the original details of the songs that make them great in their arrangements. And that is especially well done when it comes to French electronic music I think that has an amazing smoothness to it, or said even better pure elegance.
Here are some links to the brilliance: Spotify YouTube 1 2

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