Monday, 17 January 2011

New Music: Spring Offensive

As I said last week, all good things seam to come from Oxford these days, and here is another example. If my related artists radios keeps giving me such great stuff again and again, I think I might be addicted to "the Oxford-sound".

Spring Offensive is one of those bands who just made me go "Wow, this is great stuff" over and over again to my poor boyfriend. I just had to tell someone. The vocals are great, the way the guitars lines line up with each other is just beautiful. The bass and drums makes me want to get on my feet and groove to the beat in songs like "A Let Down". Over all there is just a great intensity in everything they do, that make me sit up in my chair and listen every time they randomly comes over my stereo. That intensity also comes through in the videos and seeing the videos for "Every coin" and "A Let Down" really did it for me. I want to see these guys live now! Apparently they are famous for one of the most touring bands in Britain, maybe they will jump on a ferry and go to Norway one of these days! If you look at the last clip of this blog post, you understand why. Great stuff.

Spotify link to Spring Offensive
Spring Offensive's Home page

Youtube videos:

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Mark Wilden said...

Just to confirm, Spring Offensive are very good live. I hope you managed to download their free acoustic EP they had up last week? And that you've heard about this?

Oxford is a great town for music.

(I found you because you've been listening to my song "I Didn't Remember" on LastFM. Hi!)

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