Sunday, 16 January 2011

Great songs: Odd Nordstoga - Borga i Ur

Somewhere between 5 and 10 years old, when we were all free and single, all my best friends gathered together for one great weekend in the mountains in a cabin. As we "wushed" by waterfalls and mountains, cliffs and was slowly climbing higher, one of my friends started talking about this new great records he had bought and it turned out to be Odd Norstogas album "Luring". Odd somehow managed to fusion his folk music background with all kinds of folk from over the world and hit the Norwegians directly in the heart. On a gas station my friend bought the CD, and we couldn't have had more perfect for this trip. It and the landscape just fitted so perfectly with the whole idea of being Norwegian and felt so much like home somehow. We first of all listened to the hit and single of the CD quite a lot, but whenever "Borga i Ur" came on, something would happen and I have had the experience that this happens to other people I have played it for later as well. People go very quiet and get goosebumps and is amazed by the brilliant arrangement. The song is about some kind of Mideastern pre-biblical or biblical society. This part of history is not my strongest side, so read more about Ur, if you want to. The magic for me in the arrangement is the way the violins sneak up under you, under that beautiful voice and guitar. It's so big, so magical.. Listen with good stereo or headphones!

Spotify link to Odd Nordstoga - Borga i Ur

Youtube video with brief translation of the lyrics:

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