Monday, 10 January 2011

New Music: The Winchell Riots

Sometimes it seams like all the good music in the world comes from one great place. And the last few days it's been all Oxford for me. First of all with the great Radiohead of course, but then I also remembered that other favourites of mine Youthmovies are also from Oxford. I was sad to read that Youthmovies have decided to split up, but at the same time I found a remix they had done and of course had to listen to the band that they had remixed. And oh hey ho and hallo!! hehe. I am in love with The Winchell Riots, maybe I won't be in a few days or tomorrow, but the first impression is just over the moon, and that is very seldom that I will say that! It in many ways remind me of some kind of Radiohead light, it has that great vocal and the great guitars and the fantastic rhythm and vibe. Oh yes, I love this.

I will come back with more detailed descriptions later, if I keep loving them as much as this and that is very likely :) But for now, I give you these links:

And here are tons of clips from YouTube, I am still exploring myself. But so far I have loved every note. So let's enjoy!

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