Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Great musicians: Elliott Smith - The pianist

Time to continue my Great musicians series. One of the artistes who has absolutely meant the most to me in my life so far, is the brilliant Elliott Smith. Pages upon pages have been written about Elliott and his depression and possible suicide. But enough about that for now, instead I am going to focus on the extraordinary good musician he was and through a series of clips and blog posts I am gonna give you a peak into that.
I start the series up with giving you two clips that portrays Elliott the pianist and at the same time the positive Elliott, and that he could be very happy and cheerful. Among other things he does a brilliant moonwalk. He also play some Rachmaninov, famous as one of the hardest things to play on piano ever. Being a classically trained pianist myself, I am so impressed with his technique too. It just look so effortless. This is a man who as considered a child prodigy on piano, and you can tell. Turned out that he could do most other things in music too, he plays all of the instruments on his albums most of the time, but more of that in the next parts.
Here he is in the studio:

The songs he were playing here were the intro for a cover of the The Beatles song "Because", "Figure 8" and "Everything means nothing to me" Only the last one has been released. One of my favorites when it comes to great arrengments

And here he is playing Rachmaninov:

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