Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Graham Coxon: You & I

photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/virginfestival/

As Blur split up and Damon Albarn went of the do things like Gorillaz, music from Mali and The Good, The Bad and The Queen, Graham Coxon (Blur's guitarist) went of to do a solo career. I hadn't heard a pip about that until about a year ago and always though Blur was more or less all inspired by Damon. Then I discovered Graham's stuff and realized who much of the greatness of Blur's music actually comes from him as I listened to his records. I am sure I'll write more about Graham later, but for starters I give you "You & I". As I searched YouTube to find a video for you, I realized this is some song. It has been used in countless commercials too, and I've always known it has some of my favorite guitar licks ever coming from Coxon, and man, he has some great ones.

The second song is "Freakin' out". It was my first favorite of Coxon's song, and I nearly drove a flatmate crazy by singing it constantly ;)

Her you go:

and...¨(watch out, it's a bit loud!) And I love the lallallalley part !!

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