Thursday, 7 August 2008

Polish morning in the rain

I woke up at 7 this morning of the Polish workers in our backyard hammering and banging on something and talking a bit (" sjiskji kusjyvy macschin") from time to time. Not my favorite way to wake up, but they are doing their job... After about half an hour, I decided to go out on the veranda to have a cigarette. So imagine me... stepping out on the veranda in my white fluffy, towel like bathrobe and my hair as a birds nest on the head. I opened my door and suddenly found myself in the middle of some scaffolding while three polish workers look at me from above, one from below and 3 from the side. The one from below kind of smiled at me as I kind of just politely smiled back and said "oh!". I didn't feel like going over and under beams in the bathrobe in the rain while workers were watching, but I wasn't prepared to be afraid of smoking on my "own" veranda. I squeezed myself into the little shelf in the wall right outside the door and smoked the fastest cigarette in my life. So much for a private veranda. We are starting to wonder if the people that own the apartment choose this year to go to France for a reason. They just painted the whole front of the house and now they are building a lot in the back. Well, I am of to my little shelf again. Wish me good luck ;)

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