Monday, 18 August 2008

Looking forward to seeing Editors

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A few months back I got an amazing surprise! I knew I was going to see R.E.M and that it was going to be an amazing experience, but then I found out Editors was going to be one of the warm-up bands. Amazing! For you people that haven't heard this amazing band yet I give you to of my favorite songs of the live. Their music is somehow a mix of R.E.M and Coldplay with the vocals of Madrugada and Interpol. (Very fitting as Madrugada and Mew opened for R.E.M the last time they were in Oslo) I love the duality of their guitars and that voice is just like velvet. They just seam to play all their songs a bit to fast live, so hope they won't do that this time to. (Common mistake.. we do it too.. hehe) Incredible stuff though!!

Here is Munich and Escape the nest. Enjoy!

(Escape version 2 better vocals here)
Munich Music video

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