Monday, 18 August 2008

Olympic games: Nadal

The last few months I have developed a somewhat keen interest in Tennis. It all started when I watched Federer and Nadal in this years Wimbledon final. It was amazing. The placement of the balls. the strength, the concentration and the magic was overwhelming. So today I find myself watching the final in the men's single tennis with much suspense and cheering out for Nadal to win. There something about the man that is a bit captivating, from the incredible hard serves to the gentle ass scratching and drying of sweat he's an amazing guy and the victory and Olympic gold was well deserved.

I like the whole fight between Federer and Nadal quite much. Federer seams to be like this upperclass, cold, gelegant, visionary player, while Nadal is the hard working, never-giving-up muscle machine. Usually I would choose elegance, but it's something stuck up about Federer these days. He's been number 1 for too long, and it seams to have gone a bit to his head... Or maybe he's just shy.. I don't know. Just don't like it :)

Here is a clip about the famed Federer and Nadal last match in Wimbledon.

Here is another great video that tells the story of Federer and Nadal.

Oh and that butt...

Victory ceremony in the Olympic cames

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